Introducing Palm Project, the Coalition’s Latest Initiative to Help Its Students

The Baldwin County Education Coalition (BCEC) is excited to announce the launch of Palm Project — the newest initiative to help Baldwin County students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Palm Project is an in-school and online resource to provide tangible needs for Baldwin County students to reduce barriers in education, enhance academic achievement and support social-emotional development. Palm Project is an initiative through the Baldwin County Education Coalition, and it is composed of committee members, volunteers, and donors who recognize the greatest gift a child can receive is an education.

There are many factors of stress that can negatively impact students’ ability to perform their best inside and outside of the classroom — by donating to students through Palm Project, these unwanted stressors can be reduced to help students focus on their education. “With 49% of our students classified as poverty, the need is great,” says executive director of BCEC, Terry Burkle. “We are honored to coordinate this effort that will provide tangible items, most of which we take for granted in our own homes, that are essential for a child’s academic success.”

Here’s how requesting items works:

  1. School counselors, social workers or principals are authorized to use our “Shop” pages and select items needed for your school. Add your selected items to your cart and check-out by providing completing the form (if this can be done — provide first and last name, job title, school name, and date needed).
  2. A Palm Project representative will then deliver the item(s) to your designated school location.
  3. Items are placed in the school’s “Care Closet” and given to students in need, so they are free to learn.


Part of what makes Palm Project so special is that there is no limit of items to choose and give to students. Items can range from school supplies, hygienic products, clothing, household items, first aid, food and beverage and even fees for graduation or testing.

Palm Project’s mission is to engage the Baldwin County community in meeting the tangible needs of students to reduce barriers to learning, enhance academic achievement and support social-emotional development.

Those involved in Palm Project are eager to begin making a difference in the lives of Baldwin County students. Baldwin County is one of the largest counties in the state of Alabama and is home to more than 220,000 residents. In Baldwin County, there are a total of 44 public schools that serve more than 31,000 students — and now Palm Project will do the same.

To learn more about how you can give to this initiative or become a sponsor, CLICK HERE.