2022 Annual Report

What have we been up to in 2022? Over the last year the Baldwin County Education Coalition has continued to engage and communicate with community shareholders, acquire and provide funding through grants and contributions for programs that have a positive impact on Baldwin County Schools, manage services available to schools and students, host teacher programs and professional development opportunities, and provide a united voice on initiatives concerning education and nonprofits.

The Coalition has actively engaged with the community through social media, information provided on betterbaldwin.com, and sharing the mission and programs of the Coalition through presentations at local civic clubs, chambers of commerce, annual events and more. The Coalition hosted the 10th Annual Golf Classic with more than 130 participants and volunteers in September 2022. The Annual Golf Classic provides an opportunity to not only raise funding for programs and services, but also to engage businesses and individuals within the community familiarizing them with the Coalition’s mission and the needs of our public schools.

The Coalition has also worked to ‘fill the gaps’ and provide support for special requests to support students and teachers. Through providing meals for teacher development and training, sponsoring presenters, providing stress kits for schools, donating door prizes, and more the Coalition is helping to maintain a solid foundation for education in Baldwin County.

Hosting the system wide Teacher of the Year banquet, the Gulf Regional Innovative Teaching Conference, managing the Baldwin Proud Future Teacher Scholarship program, and assisting with the Baldwin County Public Schools Employee of the Month Program illustrates the Coalition’s dedication to supporting all aspects of education in Baldwin County.

The Coalition has obtained more than $150,000 in grant funding and donations over the last year to fund and maintain specific programs such as the Baldwin Proud Future Teacher Scholarship and the Coalition’s newest initiative to support students, Palm Project.

Palm Project’s mission is to engage the Baldwin County community in meeting the tangible needs of students to reduce barriers to learning, enhance academic achievement and support social-emotional development. It is an initiative through the Baldwin County Education Coalition to provide any necessary items needed for Baldwin County students.

Palm Project had a soft launch in September 2022 after working to obtain funding, stock the warehouse, and build an e-commerce platform where schools can ‘place orders’ for items needed to stock their individual care closets. Palm Project is stocked and funded through grants, private donations, and sponsorships. The Coalition manages the Palm Project, and each month volunteers come together to fill and deliver orders for each school. Palm Project is set to roll out in waves to all public schools in Baldwin County over the 2022-2023 school year. For more information on the Palm Project visit palmproject.info.

In addition to providing direct and tangible support to Baldwin County Schools, the Coalition continues to advocate on issues that concern education and nonprofits that serve students (and their families). The Coalition has a presence on the Alabama STEM Council and is currently an instrumental asset in building the Alabama STEM Foundation. The Coalition also maintains a seat at the table with the Baldwin County Safe Routes to School Task Force as well as other active committees and working groups for education.

The Baldwin County Education Coalition has seen growth year over year with funding, outreach, and programs. The Coalition continues to work to have a positive impact on all aspects of education in Baldwin County. The Coalition’s mission is to engage community shareholders in public education and to advocate with one voice for the success of every child in Baldwin County.

For more information on the Baldwin County Education Coalition and how you can make an impact on education in our communities visit betterbaldwin.com.

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